Audio Troubleshooting

No sound from speaker.

Cause: Speaker power and signal cable is loosely connected or disconnected.

  1. b) Master volume is muted.
  2. c) Audio driver is not installed.

Symptom: a) Speaker power lead is dark.

  1. c) No volume control icon will exist on Task Bar.

Remedy:a) Check the power Cable Connection from Main switch to speaker through UPS, Extension board and adapter.

  1. b) Click Start > programs > accessories > Entertainment > Volume control > clear all check boxes, which are muted.
  2. c) Check Audio driver is installed properly. [Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > System (or Right click on My computer > Properties >) Hardware > Device Manager > double click on ‘Sound, Video and Game controller’. If any error indicator appears before any item that contains the word Audio then it means that, Audio Driver is not installed.] If not installed then install audio driver.

 Microphone is inactive.

Cause: a) Microphone is not connected properly.

  1. b) Microphone control is muted.

Remedy:a) Connect the Microphone in Audio In Port.

  1. b) Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume control > clear check box of Microphone volume control. If microphone control is not exist then click Options > properties > check on Microphone check box from the list > click OK.

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