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Display Troubleshooting

Error -1: No display in monitor.

Cause:       a) Monitor switch is off or Monitor Power cable connection is loose or disconnected.

b) Monitor signal cable is loose or disconnected.

c) Monitor brightness is minimized.

d) AGP Card loose in AGP socket (For internal AGP card in AGP slot).

Symptom:  Power indicator lead of Monitor may remains off or may blinks after switching on. One long and two short beep made by built in speaker. (For d.)

Remedy:   a) Check the power Cable Connection from Main switch to Monitor power socket through UPS and Extension board.

b) Check Monitor signal Cable is connected to the System Unit perfectly.

c) Adjust the brightness of Monitor.

d) Shutdown the Computer. Unplug the monitor signal cable. Open the casing of System Unit and unscrew & unplug the AGP card. Clean the slot and the card with a soft and clean brush carefully. Reattach the card in the slot and screw it. Close the casing and plug in signal cable.

Error – 2: The viewable area of monitor is not adjusted with actual area.

Cause:       Monitor Display property on the front panel of Monitor is not adjusted properly.

Remedy:   Adjust Monitor display properties using the front panel of monitor.

Error-3: During booting some messages are displayed of Monitor but after a few seconds Monitor does not Display anything.

Cause:       Colour Refresh rate and screen area is not adjusted properly

Symptom: All leads may be blinking.

Remedy:   Start computer in Safe Mode. Right click on Desktop > Properties > Advanced > Adapter > set refresh rate at Adapter default > Apply > OK > set colour at 256 colours > set Screen Area at 800×600 > Apply > OK.

Error – 4: Monitor becomes dark after a fixed time.

Cause:       Due to Screen Saver settings (It is not a problem exactly).

Remedy:   Right click on Desktop > Properties > Screen Saver > Set screen saver at ‘None’ > Apply > Settings (Lowest button) > set System Standby, Monitor turn off and Shut down Hard Disk properties at ‘Never’, > Apply > OK > OK.

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