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Printer Troubleshooting

Error –1: The message “There was an error writing to LPT1: for the printer [IBM Proprinter XL24e]: There was a problem ………………………………….” with a message box.

This message indicates that the printer is unable to print specific object. The following steps to be done for solving the problem:

  1. Remove all the scotch tape and extra papers from the Printer (If any). It is applicable only when you set a new printer first time.
  2. Check whether the Printer Data Cable is connected properly to printer port of CPU & printer and Power Cable connection from extension board to printer properly.
  3. On the Power switch of Stabilizer and Printer (If switched off);
  4. Ensure the paper is inserted properly in the paper feeder of the printer.
  5. Press “Retry” or try to reprint the document, if everything is ok.

Error – 2: Printer prints garbage.

Causes:     a) Proper printer driver is not installed.

  1. b) The proper printer driver is not set as default.

Remedy:   a) Install proper printer driver.

  1. b) Click start > Settings > Printer > Right click on your physical printers driver > if the tick (√) mark is not exist before ‘Set as default’ then click on it.

Error – 3: Printer output page is Blank.

Cause:       Printer data cable may have defect.

Remedy:   Change printer data cable (One or more pin of the printer data cable may disconnected or broken)

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